Monday, January 31, 2011


We have a cold few days coming up here in CO!! Right now it is snowing pretty hard and is only supposed to increase as the day goes on. My phone says it is 14 degrees outside with a windchill of 0 right now and its is just going to drop from there!! Then tomorrow is the real kicker...the high is -1 (yes that is a NEGATIVE 1 for the HIGH) and the low is -19 with wind chills getting down to -30!! WHHHOOOOAAA!! Now that is cold people!! It is times like this that I really miss Texas!! Or even more I wish I could be with my family somewhere like Hawaii or back in Cabo!! It's a good thing we have days like last Friday where it was 70 degrees in January or I would NEVER survive here in Colorado!!

Maddox and I will most definitely be home bound for the next couple of day so maybe at least I can get the house cleaned and hopefully some work done on Miss Addi's room!! I ordered something super cute yesterday for her room so I won't be able to completely finish it until that is delivered so pics will come soon hopefully!!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Official...

We are excited to announce that we have decided on a name for baby girl!! We wanted to continue with the theme of double letters because all 3 of us have them in our names. So, our little lady will be called... - Glitter Graphics


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

I have finally finished decorating Maddox's big boy room and thought you all might like to see the finished result!! I am super pleased with how it turned out and its super cute when he goes in there and points to stuff and says "BASEBALL!!" I let Collin make the official decision on the bedding because it was between the National League set and the American League set. We have become pretty big Rockies fans since moving here but Collin ended up choosing the AL set because he like it better overall. I will probably add a few other little things here and there but for the most part it is complete!! So with out further ado here is Maddox's new big boy room...

His big boy bed with baseball bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.
His dresser...I will probably find something else sporty to put on there and also something cute to put on the little shelf hanging to the right of it. His hats will hang on the hooks.
Chest of Drawers and night stand with his baseball lamp.
A close-up of the top of the chest of drawers...I got the frame and book ends at Hobby Lobby and just think they go perfectly in his room!! I need to get a good picture of him for the frame.
And a close up of the saying above his bed...I just love this saying and thought it would be perfect for his baseball room!!



Collin, Maddox and I spent the last 5 days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with Collin's parents, brother, Clark, and his wife, Lara. It was our first time there and it was absolutely beautiful!! We arrived last Friday afternoon and had lunch then headed to our amazing casita. We then spent the evening checking out the resort.On Saturday, the boys got up and headed out to play a round of golf while us girls and Maddox headed for the beach and pool. After the boys finished their round the girls headed to the spa for a little relaxation time!! I got the "Mom's to be" massage and it was fabulous!!! They set up special pillows so that I was able to lay on my stomach and it was great!! That night we had dinner at the resort.

Sunday morning we drove in to the actual town of Cabo San Lucas. We walked around the mall and the marina and saw some ginormous boats!! We had lunch on the marina and then headed back to the Casita for Maddox to nap. Barry and Diane stayed up with Maddox and Collin, Clark, Lara, and I went down to the pool for a little while before dinner! We had dinner that night at another resort down the road from ours.

Monday, our last full day :(, was spent just hanging out at the beach/pool and then taking a sunset cruise on a catamaran. I got a little sunburnt lol but we had a lot of fun just relaxing. The sunset cruise was fun but a little too "rocky" for my liking!!

Tuesday we got up and got all packed and headed to the airport. We had a great time but I think we all felt like the trip was much too short!!

Cabo was beautiful and I hope that we are able to go back some time!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last Friday we made the big move from the crib to the big boy bed!! It was very traumatic lol. Maddox put up a MAJOR fight and threw one of the biggest fits I have ever seen!! He kicked and screamed and refused to stay in his bed or let me rock him. He kept getting down running in to the new nursery and pointing at his seriously broke my heart!! I finally ended up taking a break and letting him play for a little while and eventually got him calmed down enough to rock him and finally get him to sleep. Once he got to sleep he stayed asleep the rest of the night. I would for sure take the fight getting to bed over waking up during the night anytime!!! Every night since then he has fought me less and less so hopefully we are well on our way to a normal routine just with the big bed now. His furniture looks great in his room and once I get all the decor hung on the walls I will post pictures...promise!!

We have also made some progress on baby girl's nursery too!! We have all the furniture moved in there now, I've put super cute pink and brown knobs on the dresser/changing table, gotten the bedding all put on the crib, and bought some super cute things to hang on the wall!! Once again I will post pictures once I get it all set up!! But this one might take a little longer since it's not on the top of the priority list and it won't be needed for a little while :D.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding Fun

This past weekend Collin and I and about 170 others made a trip to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs for Tim and Katy's wedding (some friends at church). We left Maddox with a trusted family for the night and had a great time getting all dressed up and celebrating with Tim and Katy. Collin, unfortunately, had to come back home after the wedding because he had to preach the next morning but I got to spend the night with my friends at the fabulous hotel!! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we all had a blast. I was bad and forgot my camera but I was able to get a few from Danielle (none of the beautiful bride thought). I look super preggo in the dress I wore so you will be able to see how big baby girl is getting :D. We had a blast and are so glad we were able to be a part of Tim and Katy's special day.

Me and my cute husband

My favs...the "Davis" girls
Several of us LCC girls that were there


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby GIRL Packer

Collin and I were thrilled this morning to find out that we will be having a baby GIRL!!! YAY!! We of course had our big ultrasound appointment today and more than anything are thankful to have found out we have a healthy baby that is growing and developing on schedule!! The sonogram tech took all the normal measurements and said everything looked good and baby girl was measuring right at 19 weeks!! My primary doctor, Dr. G, will look over the scans now and will call if he sees anything that concerns him but like I said the tech said she thought everything looked great!! We didn't get to find out the gender until the very last thing because baby girl had her legs crossed the entire time!! Thankfully, with a little pushing around on my belly she uncrossed them and the tech announced "IT'S A GIRL!!!" So brought tears to my eyes!! We could not be more excited for the news and now things seem so much more real!!

I have to be honest and say that I was a crazy person and purchased a set of baby girl bedding before I was even pregnant because it was on super clearance and I just loved it!! Plus, I figured that if I never had a girl I could sell it or give it away because I got it at such a great price!! But now I am super excited to get to decorate a big boy room (I bought Maddox's bedding today!!) AND a baby girl room with the super cute bedding I bought months ago!! SO fun!! We were able to get some really good profile pics of baby girl today plus a few other good ones so here are some pics of sweet baby girl Packer... can see her little hand with the pointer finger sticking up right below her chin!!

Another profile...this time she had her legs curled up and her feet are on top of her head!!

Her legs crossed at the ankles...that's why we couldn't tell the gender until she uncrossed them!!

Sweet little foot print

And the money shot...It's a GIRL!!! :D


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big Boy...

Today we took a big step in transitioning our baby boy to a big boy!! We purchased a full set of furniture for his new room!! It doesn't seem possible that my little buddy is big enough for a big boy room but I guess since peanut #2 will be needing the crib it is time to start thinking about that transition. We thought a lot about what to get him and finally decided we wanted to get something that would work for him all the way through high school. So instead of getting a toddler bed or little kid furniture we ended up getting a set that has a full sized bed and will work for him for a long time. That way we won't have to be buying a new set of furniture every few years!! All of the furniture will be delivered on Friday so we will have time after we find out what we are having on Tuesday to decide what room we want Maddox in and get the current furniture cleared out and situated in a different room. I think I have decided on the bedding I want to get for him so I will go to the mall this week to look at it in person (I have only seen it online) and possibly purchase it!! Here is a little sneak peek at his new furniture. I will post a picture of all of it once we get it all set up in his room!!!

Growing up is so bittersweet!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011