Friday, September 24, 2010

Howdy from Texas!!

I haven't blogged much the past few days because we have been enjoying some time in Texas with our families!! We flew out here last Thursday and spent a few days in Dallas then drove out to Abilene for ACU Summit on Sunday afternoon. I will admit that Summit is not really my favorite thing but Collin loves it so we go every year for him and so I can see one of my favorite people in the whole world!!

My dear friend, M, took Monday off so that we could hang out and catch up. I got to meet her sweet baby boy, Jackson, for the first time and he is a doll!! Him and Maddox got to play while we talked and hung out like old times!! I love it when I get to see her because I miss her so much now that we live so far away!! I'm glad that we can always pick up right where we left off like we see each other on a regular basis. Those are the best kinds of friends!! Love ya lots M and am so glad we got to spend the day together.

Diane, Maddox and I came back to Dallas on Wednesday morning and Collin and his dad came back that evening. Collin, Maddox and I had family pictures taken on Thursday morning so I wanted to get back in time to get ready for those and to get a good nights sleep. Erin Woolsey, a friend from college who is a photographer took them for us. She is the one who took Collin and my pictures in Abilene right before we moved. She does an amazing job and I can't wait to see what she got for us. I will post those when I get them in a few weeks.

Collin is at a retreat right now with several other young ministers right now so I am just spending time hanging out with family. He will get home tomorrow and then will head back to Colorado on Sunday. Maddox and I, however, will be hanging around a bit longer. We will actually be heading off to the white sandy beaches of Marco Island, FL with my mom and sisters next Wednesday!! I can't wait!! I may live in the mountains but I am definitely a beach girl at heart!!

Unfortunately I haven't taken many pictures thus far but I will be sure to take lots when we go to Florida!! I also forgot my connector to transfer my pics from the camera to my computer so even the ones I have taken I can't get off to post. So I will have to do a picture post when I get back home!!

We are having a fun time but I think I will be ready to be home and back in our daily routine by the time my trip is over!! Many of you know it is much more difficult to travel once the kiddos start coming along. But it is still great to be here none the less. I do love coming to Texas, but all of my Colorado friends will be happy to hear that I do miss my life there while we are away!!


Monday, September 13, 2010


Just thought I would write a post about what my little buddy is up to lately since I haven't been doing the monthly posts like I did in his first year of life. So, here is what he is up to...

*He weight 25 lbs.
*He wears 18 mo clothes and size 5-6 shoes.
*He eats any and everything pretty much. He loves Mac n Cheese, scrabbled eggs, yogurt sticks, and french fries.
*He can and has walked on his own but chooses to crawl still (he is SUPER fast) unless we MAKE him walk.
*When you ask what a puppy says he says "uf-uf", what a kitty says "eeow", what a lion says "rrrraaawww" and sometimes he will do a cow "ooooo". Its super cute!!
*He sleeps around 12 hours a night and takes 1 nap a day 1-2 hrs long.
*He LOVES being outside. He will crawl to the back door and stand there trying to open it until we take him out to play.
*He loves baseball and know how to swing the bat now.
*He has 12 teeth: 4 top middle, 4 bottom middle and his 4 molars.
*We are finished with bottles and use only sippy cups now.

He is so much fun these days. He cracks us up all the time and we are just having a blast playing with him and watching him grow up.


Friday, September 10, 2010


This past weekend we made the trip up to Fairplay, CO for a little camping trip with some friends. Aside from getting a little sick from the altitude we had fun!! Maddox loves being outside so he had a total blast!! Here are a few pics from our weekend...


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Co-ed Softball

Collin and I were asked to be a part of a co-ed softball team with some people at church. We agreed to join and we had our first game last night and I'll admit I was a bit nervous!! I have never played softball in my life so I didn't really know how it was going to turn out!! We ended up winning our game 17-14 and I got 2 hits and scored a run!! Hitting wasn't really what I was afraid of the was more the fielding. I am not very good at judging how far the ball is traveling so I was terrified of a fly ball coming my way!! I played right center and thankfully only one ball came my way and it was a grounder and I got it and threw it in to 2nd!! It was a lot of fun and I am now excited to play the rest of our season!! I just hope the other teams we play don't get much better than the one we played last night!! :D