Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Break In

Last Monday morning Collin left for work only to find my car had been broken into during the night.  They driver side window had been busted out and things had apparently been rummaged through.  From what we could tell nothing had been stolen as I don't leaving anything in my car that is worth any significant amount of money.  Collin was thankfully about to stay home and talk with the police and get things cleaned up a little bit while I took Maddox to school and went to a meeting I had.  He checked around a lot of places to find someone who could fix the window quickly because we we supposed to leave Thursday to drive to Texas.  Luckily, he found a place that was great and had the window and door frame fixed and ready to go by Wednesday night!  We were able to file the damage with our insurance company but of course had to pay our deductible before they covered anything.  What a big fat mess!

It wasn't until Wednesday afternoon, after I picked up my car, that I realized the one thing that was stolen.  My beloved Toms sunglasses.  I had gotten them for Christmas this past year and they were my favorite sunglasses to date.  They are so comfortable!  Sadness.  I am hoping we can get reimbursed for them, so I can buy a new pair, from our insurance since we have paid the entire deductible!  

I just hate that people find themselves in places where they feel like stealing from others is their only option.  It's so selfish and sad for everyone involved.  Oh well though.  There is nothing I can do about it now but let this be a lesson to not leave anything valuable in your car because you just never know when you will be the victim.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Girl Room

A couple of weeks ago, I got on facebook at just the right time to see a post offering a cute little twin bed for free to the first person interested!  I jumped on the offer and ended up getting a chest of drawers and night stand to go with the bed as well!  We had been debating for a while what to do about Addy's room.  She was still in a crib and her room is quite small so the big full sized bed room set we have for her (which was mine growing up) will most definitely not fit.  This was the perfect option for us!  We got a friend to help us pick it up and stuck it in the garage for about a week.  Those same friends were getting rid of a twin mattress that they passed on to us so we got her entire bedroom set for free!  Winning!

Last weekend we decided to make the big switch.  I had already taken Addy shopping to pick out some bedding so she was really excited about the change.  She was torn between princesses and Minnie Mouse but decided on Minnie!  So Collin and I took the crib apart and moved all her old stuff down to the garage and her new stuff up to her room.  She was giddy the entire time!

Of course with a transition like this you always worry about how sleep habits are going to change but she has taken it like a champ!  She still just lays right down and goes to sleep!  She has started napping an hour or so less and has been waking up a little earlier in the morning but for the most part she has done awesome!  It is a cute little big girl room and is perfect for her right now!  We will eventually pass this furniture along to someone else that can benefit from it but for now we are so grateful for the free gift we were given!


Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of Thursday School

Last Thursday was Maddox and Addison's first day of Thursday school.  This is Maddox's 3rd year to do it and Addy's 1st year.  They were both really excited for their first day.  We got their lunches all packed and their backpacks ready to go the night before and were all set.  We got up extra early to eat breakfast, get ready and take the obligatory first day pictures!  Once we actually got to school, Addy panicked a little.  She cried when I dropped her off but by the time I dropped Maddox off at this class and snuck back by her room she was fine.  When I picked them up they were both excited about the great days they had.  Maddox was so sweet and said he saw Sister at chapel and gave her a hug and sat by her.  So cute!  Addy helped me not be too sad to drop her off by being a little grumpy that morning before school started! :D.  We are all excited about this year at Thursday School!  I can't wait to see what the kids learn!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Look A-Likes

This week Collin's mom sent me a couple of pictures from Collin's 4th birthday party because he had actually had a mini golf part just like Maddox did a couple of months ago.  It was unbelievable how much he and Maddox looked alike!  Several people I showed said Addy looks a lot like him too!  What do you guys think?  See any similarities??