Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silly Sister

Sweet sissy is developing quite the personality these days!!  Here are a couple of video's I've taken of her this past week.  This first one is her dancing to her Mickey Mouse movie in the car. The second one is her absolutely cracking up at knocking over my block towers.  



Well this week we have set out on a new adventure with our sweet Addison.  I can't say it's a fun one thought.  I had been having suspicions for a while that sis was having some problems digesting dairy but it wasn't until I did a little experiment that I became pretty sure something was going on.  My once easy, always happy baby had become fussy most of the time and was have some serious on going problems with constipation.  So I took it upon myself to try and take most dairy out of her diet just for a couple of days and the results were amazing.  Addison was like a totally different child.  She was smiling and laughing constantly and just in so much of a better mood.  After a couple days I started giving her yogurt and dairy products again and low and behold she got grumpy and fussy again.

So I called her pediatrician on Wednesday and told them the situation.  They suggested we eliminate ALL dairy for a week and then slowly add dairy products back in to see how she reacts to them.  We will then discuss how things are going at her 15 month appointment next month.  Hopefully, this will be something we can correct or she will grow out of.  Just these past couple of days I have been realized just how many products have dairy in its A LOT!!  But if it is something we have to deal with on going it will be ok.  Plenty of people cope with allergies and we will do whatever we need to do to keep our baby girl healthy and feeling well!!  I will keep you updated on this as time goes on and we figure more out!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maddox's Verse

I finally got a video of Maddox reciting his verse.  I love hearing that sweet voice saying the word of God.  So precious!!


Monday, July 16, 2012

FX Live

This past week we had FX Live which was our version of VBS this year.  FX stands for Family Xperience so it was more focused on spending that time as a family instead of just dropping your kids off for a few hours each day for VBS.  We had a blast each night at the program which consisted of singing, dancing and drama.  Collin and I were both a part of the dramas.  Then after the program we played games and did crafts as a family!  It was a lot of fun.  We are going to start doing FX live monthly in 2013 I believe and will have them in October and December before then.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

1st Trip to the Dentist

Maddox had his first dentist appointment just before his 3rd birthday.  He was so brave and did great at it.  He did end up having one cavity that we had to get filled but he did awesome!!   He was super excited about the awesome loot he got to take home with him.  

Thankfully, the filling was pretty small so they were able to just give him laughing gas and didn't have to do shots to numb him.  I was so proud of how well he did that we got to go to the mall and pick out some jibitts for his new crocs that he got as a gift for his birthday.  He has worn them every day since he got them :D.  Hopefully, now that we have learned how to used real tooth paste (as opposed to the training paste) he won't have any cavities at his next appointment in 6 months :D.

Getting X-Rays
Ready to get his teeth cleaned!
So excited for his new Lightning McQueen toothbrush!!

Getting his laughing gas

Being so brave even though Mommy couldn't hold his hand :D

Finishing up with some oxygen to clear out the the laughing gas

And we had to celebrate his bravery with a lunch date to his favorite Noodles & Co.


Baseball Party

The Birthday Boy!!
Last year Maddox was set on having his party at Chuck E. Cheese but this year he decided that Chuck E. was scary and he wanted a baseball party instead.  So I reserved the park by our house that has a baseball field and we were set.  Party City actually carries a whole line of licensed MLB party supplies so I was able to buy all kinds of Colorado Rockies themed things for the party.  It was a pretty easy party to pull off because I didn't really have to plan any activities.  The kids played on the play ground and baseball field and the adults stood in the shade and chatted :D.  For the favors I found bat and ball sets at the $1 store that were just perfect!!  The kids all seemed to love them!!  We had a great turn out and I think Maddox really enjoyed himself.  I'll let the pictures show you the rest.

His cake (just from Target) turned out so cute.  

Sister was ready to party too!

Having some pizza with Gigi!

Yummy watermelon on the hot day!

We for sure sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame before we sang Happy Birthday!!

The wind ket blowing out the candles so we just had to pretend they were lit!

We had a pull string piƱata that was great for the little kids!!

Maddox got to go first...

And it worked out perfectly for each kid to get to pull a string.  The last kid to go ended up breaking it open!!

Yay for treats!

Love my sweet little family!!

We got some classic gift opening faces this year!!

Love this gift...

It was personalized on the back!!  Such a cute idea!!