Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Cream Cone...

My child LOVES ice cream!! Last night after diner we stopped in Dairy Queen and I got this video of him saying "ice cream cone." It's pretty funny the way he says it!!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

100 Days

I can't believe it but today marks 100 days until Miss Addison's due date!! Things are still going well with the pregnancy but I can tell I'm on the border of moving into that uncomfortable stage. I knew it was coming eventually, though.

I'm moving along on baby girl's room. I got the curtains hung last week and I put the wall decal up. The only problem is that there is something wrong with the decal and the letters aren't sticking very well. So, I'm not exactly sure what I am going to do about that. Really, the only thing left besides that is to get a lamp and maybe a rug.

Another fun thing...when I got the mail today I had 3 deliveries from Several bows and headbands for sweet girl, some ruffle bloomers and a matching big brother/littler sister set!! I am also expecting a couple of more things that I ordered in the next couple of days. So fun!!

I know I have been TOTALLY slacking on belly pics so I will try to get Collin to take some in the next few days that I can post!!

Yay for getting closer to meeting sweet baby girl!!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mr. Maddox

Just a little update on my buddy...He is so much fun these days!!

*He is learning new words every day and keeps us cracking up all the time!!
*He now has all of his baby teeth!! The last two eye teeth on the bottom broke through last week and it was quite the ordeal!! They seemed to bother him a lot more than any of the other ones did coming in. But now all that's left are his 2 year molars and the pediatrician said those don't usually bother them.
*He loves playing outside so we are glad we are having some nice weather mixed in so that we can go outside!!
*He has recently become obsessed with Buzz Lightyear!! We have seriously watched the Toy Story movies like 30 times in the last week!! I even bought him a new Buzz toy at Target the other day and he wants to take it everywhere with us!!
*He loves to hold hands!! If he is sitting by me he wants to be holding my hand!! It's pretty cute!!
*He loves all things sports!! He want to throw the ball and swing his bat all the time!! He got his first set of golf clubs the other day, per his daddy's request, but we are still working on learning that we keep them on the ground and don't swing them like the baseball bat or hit people with them.
*He thinks it is hilarious to say "mama" just so I will respond to him. He will say it and I will say "Yes bud?" and he will just keep repeating it with a big smile on his face!! It cracks me up!!

Here are a few pics I took on my phone recently...I need to take some better ones on my camera soon!!

My little valentine...

Playing outside on one of the first warm days after all the winter weather we had in a row!!
Enjoying a chocolate donut!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Shellac Nail Polish

Ok girl...I have found a new FAVORITE thing!! Shellac Nail Polish is the!! I love having my nails painted but one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is having it chipped. Once the first chip happens I pick at it then eventually just take it off so I rarely get manicures because it usually chips or smudges before I make it to the car or after one shower!! But this polish is absolutely fabulous!! It is a gel based polish and it lasts up to 2 weeks with no chipping!! They set it while you are getting them done with the UV light so when you leave they are already completely dry and smudge proof!! At the place I go they actually paint them first and then do the lotion and massage after so you are certain that they are dry!! Then when you are done with the color you just take it off with nail polish remover and it doesn't mess up your nails like getting acrylics does!! And another great thing is that is doesn't cost much more than a regular manicure. The place I go to charges $25.00!! So great!!

So, I highly recommend all you ladies out there who love having your nails painted but hate how it looks when they chip go and try this out because it is fabulous!!!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Loves

Here is a video of what is quite possibly my favorite thing in the whole world!! There is nothing like watching my baby boy laugh and play with his daddy!! I could just watch it all melts my heart!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Addison Update

I had another routine checkup today adn everything looked great! Baby girl's heart rate was 150 and I am measuring right on track at about 23 weeks. Pretty uneventful appointment but that's the way we like these to be!! The did give me the fabulous little drink for me to have my gestational diabetes lab work done so I will get to do that fun test in 3 weeks!! Other than that there is not much new to update on!! Our next appointment is in 4 weeks so I will let you know how my lab works ends up then :D.


Monday, February 7, 2011


*The weather was beautiful which was nice since we are supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow!

*I finally got the mail and found this fabulously adorable gift for Addison from my sweet friend LB....

*I bought curtains, ordered curtain rods, and bought hooks to hang headbands on for Miss Addi's is a little sneak peek of her nursery...

*Maddox and I had spaghetti for dinner...I think he enjoyed it :D

*Now, Maddox is in bed and I'm sitting on the couch watching The Bachelor while waiting for Collin to get home from his elder's meeting. I think that qualifies for a pretty good day :D.