Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas is Coming

I know it's a bit early but last night we went ahead and put up our Christmas decorations at our house. We are heading out of town for Thanksgiving this week and wanted to have it all up when we got home!  The kids had a blast helping us put up the tree and hang up the ornaments. Each year, I pick out the kids a new ornament that is something they are into at te time. This year I got Maddox a Spider-man ornament and Addison a Tinker Bell one. It was really cute, Maddox was running around singing Jingle Bells and Addy was following close behind singing Tinker Bells :). As the kids get older, holidays get that much more special and fun!  

Monday, November 11, 2013


This past weekend some of my best girlfriends and I got to go with several others on a little spa trip to Ojo Caliente.  It is a hot springs resort in New Mexico just east of Taos.  Of course, I know that pregnant girls aren't supposed to sit in hot tubs for extended periods of time so I was a good girl and just put my feet in.  There was a big heated pool that was a much cooler temp that we got in that was fantastic.  Unfortunately, my friend Deanna's mom slipped and fell not long after arriving and ended up breaking one of her ankles in 3 places.  Because of that we ended up spending most of Saturday in the ER of a small town about 30 minutes away from the resort.  We tried to make the best of the rest of the trip on Sunday and then headed home around 1.  I am so thankful to have these 2 girls in my life!  They have truly been a gift from God in my life during some difficult times.  Hopefully we can take another trip again that doesn't involve any broken bones or trips to the hospital soon!!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Family Pics

A couple of weeks ago we had family pics made.  It is one of my favorite and least favorite things to do!  I love documenting our family in different stages but it also stresses me out to coordinate everyone and to get both kids to cooperate and smile at the same time.  This photo shoot was no different.  Addison decided to be a Miss Grumpy Pants and made it extremely difficult to get any good pictures with her in them.  We managed though and they turned out amazing!!

These pictures were actually taken by a couple at our church as a fundraiser for our MOPS group.  They were SOOOOO very generous to give up so much of their time and the money we made is such a huge blessing to our group!  If you are in the Denver area and need a photography I would HIGHLY recommend Thompson Photography!!  They are super sweet and take amazing pics which is a god combination for a photographer!! :D  So here are our most current family pictures...I absolutely love them!!



This year our kids totally got Halloween.  They were so excited to dress up and get candy!  Our church does it's trunk or treat on Halloween as a way to reach out to the community which was great for us since we don't have a neighborhood (apartment living) to trick or treat in.  We set up a trunk at the church and had a great night!  The kids got lots of candy and we wended up having more community people show up than church people which was a huge win in our eyes!  This year I pick what my kids dressed up as but I think it will be the last year for that.  They both liked their costumes but definitely asked to be different things next year!  The older they get the more fun these holidays get! :D Unfortunately, it was absolutely freezing outside on Halloween night.  We made the best of it though and enjoyed the night regardless!
The cutest little Longhorns ever!

This one was freezing the entire night!

Our "scary" trunk

2 pregnant mommas that dressed up their babies too :D

Our besties!!

who does't love a little husband/wife coordination :D


Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weekends ago we took the kids to a local pumpkin patch.  It's super close to our house and has a bunch of great activities for little kids.  Our kids had a blast!  It was the perfect fall day and both kids got to pick a pumpkin to bring home.  They even picked a tiny little guy for baby :D.