Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sister finally decided at almost 16 months that she was ready to start walking.  She has not looked back since.  She wants to be down all the time so that she can walk and explore everything around her.  
This is some of her first steps... She loves walking to her brother and giving hugs and then she will cheer for herself!! Photobucket

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Texas in September

Early in September the kids and I loaded up in the car with my friend, Jennifer, and her daughter, Laney, and made the long drive to Texas to spend time with family.  Jennifer and Laney were meeting up with some friends and kindly agreed to ride with us there so I didn't have to make the drive alone!!  It was a long day of driving (the dvd player broke 3 hours into the trip) but we survived and made it there safely.  The kids and I were there a total of 2 weeks and Collin was in and out with work and ACU Summit.

The entire trip was planned around Summit because my wonderful husband had the honor of giving one of the keynote lectures this year.  He did so awesome and I was so very proud of him!!  He spoke the word of God boldly to 3,500 + students and lectureship attendees.  It was awesome!!

Other than that we didn't do much.  We hung out with family and caught up with friends.  It was a fun trip and Maddox really enjoyed it and now asks all the time when we are going back to Texas.

I did a horrible job of taking pictures but here is what I got...

There was about a 20 minute stretch where they were all was short but glorious!

Sis had a bit of a rough time at the end but finally took a second nap.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Dixie House with my family when we got to Texas!

Playing at Kiki and Bear's house.

We enjoyed a Rangers game (even though it was chilly and rainy!)

We went to an ACU game at Cowboy Stadium.  That place is MASSIVE!!

We laughed at the crazy Cowboy's fans in Abilene.

Collin did awesome giving his lecture!

I got the kids new ACU shirts!

We had fun at the part with Kiki!

We met up with our friends, the Chisholms, at the arboretum for a little picnic!

We ad a fun trip and can't wait for the next one!!

Catch up...

How does this happen?!?!  It has for sure been a month since I last blogged...oops!!  I have about 45 minutes while the kids nap so I am going to try to catch up a little goes...