Thursday, December 27, 2012


Well germs have been traveling around our house yet again. The Friday morning before Christmas Maddox woke up wheezing and croupy so I gave him a dose of steroids and that seemed to help him. However, on Saturday he woke up at around 11 pm coughing and congested and crawled in bed with us. Sunday morning he was not feeling good at all. We went to church but I ended up taking him home just after service started because he was feeling so crummy. He ate a little an then fell asleep laying on my chest. He napped for a good 3 hours but still wasn't feeling great. We had planned on all going to eat fondue that night but called in a last minute babysitter (thanks D) to keep the kids since he still wasn't any better. He thankfully woke up on Christmas Eve feeling and looking much better and was able to enjoy all the Christmas festivities that followed! He still has a lingering cough but that's normal for him with croup.

Now just 2 days after he has recovered sissy is running fever and coughing non-stop. She hasn't sounded croupy at all but her cough is pretty yucky. I went ahead and tried putting the Vicks vapor rub on her feet but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I really just hope she can get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling better in the morning!!

I hate having sick babies. They are just so pitiful and I feel so helpless. I love the extra cuddles but I want my sweet baby girl feeling better!!


We had a fabulous Christmas this year! Collin's parents, brother and brother's wife came and stayed with us starting the Friday before Christmas. The guys went skiing on Saturday and the 6 of us (without the kids cuz M was sick) went and at fondue downtown on Sunday night. But other than that it was pretty low key. We spent a lot if time just hanging out at the house. We went to church on Sunday and Christmas Eve service on Monday night and just enjoyed having them in town.

On Christmas Day we got up and opened presents and made and yummy roast dinner (which was originally supposed to be lunch but took longer than expected to cook). We were all happy to have a white Christmas, especially Maddox who was thrilled to shovel an play in the snow with Collin!

I did a horrible job of taking pictures and didn't even get my camera out but I did snap several on my phone to document the day!! Here are the ones we got between all of us on our phones...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What "CRACK" Ups!

So here is a picture of Maddox from Nov. 20, 2011 and an almost identical one of Addison from this past week.  I found it absolutely hilarious that I caught them both in the same pose almost exactly 2 years apart!!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

This Past Month

So I've done it again and gone an entire month without posting.  Whoops.  SO here goes my catch up post...

I last posted just before Thanksgiving.  We spent Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving with The Davis family like we have for the past several years.  We were planning on spending Thanksgiving day in the mountains with the Rogers but I unfortunately caught a stomach bug so we ended up spending the day at home just the 4 of us. But a few days after Thanksgiving we got the Christmas decorations out which is always fun!

The kids got their ornaments for this year.  Maddox got a baseball and Addison got a Minnie Mouse ornament.

Maddox helped me decorate the tree and was so proud of the completed product!

The week after Thanksgiving I celebrated my 29th birthday.  I had an uneventful day with the kids and then Collin and I met some of our best friends for dinner at my favorite place PF Change!!  I so thankful for sweet friends to celebrate with.


December has already been a busy month and we are only half way through!!  We had our Christmas FX and Frosty Themed Dinner with Santa (which I was in charge of organizing) at church on Dec 2.  We had an amazing turnout and felt like a really successful evening.  Collin and I were both a part of FX and then we got to enjoy the rest of the evening with our kids!!

Ready for FX Live to start!

Sissy did not care for Santa this year :D

We all boarded a plane on Dec 6 and headed to Texas for several fun events.  On Sunday, Kent, Anne-Marie, Collin and I ran in the Dallas Marathon.  Kent, Anne-Marie and I ran the 1/2 and Collin ran the full.  The weather was not great, it was hot and humid but we all finished and are super proud of our accomplishments!!
Waiting for the race to early in the morning.

So many people running!

Here we go...about to cross the starting line.

The Trinity Bridge.

Running over the bridge!
Excited to see the family cheering us on!!

We can see the finish line...

And we made it!!

Collin finished too!!

Excited to have our kiddos there to cheer us on!

We did it!!!
We spent the rest of the week hanging out with our families!  On Thursday evening we went to my sister, Morgan's, pinning as part of her Nursing school graduation!!  Then on Friday evening we got to watch her graduate!! I am so proud of my baby sister and can't wait to see all the exciting things she gets to do as an RN!!

Accepting her award!!

On Friday morning before graduation we had Christmas with my family since we will be in Colorado this year for Christmas day.  We made the full blown Christmas lunch and opened presents!!  It was a great morning!

On Saturday we took the kids to see the Trains at Northpark Mall.  I think they enjoyed it!!

We went to church and lunch with our family on Sunday and then headed home on Monday morning.  As always, we had a blast hanging out with our family!!  We miss them a lot but are thankful we get several opportunities a year to see them!


We have been back in Denver for 3 days now and have gotten all the christmas presents bought and wrapped, hung out with friends, and had several inches of snow which we enjoyed playing in today!


Now we are waiting for Collin's family to get here to spend Christmas with us.  They are driving in tomorrow.  We are looking forward to spending the next several days with them celebrating Christmas!!


So kudos to you if you stuck around for this entirely too long of a post.  I always say I'm going to do better next time but let be honest this will probably happen again at some point!!  Oh well, such is life with 2 small kids!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!