Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby #3 Update

Yesterday, I had another ultrasound because at the first one they couldn't get a good look at the baby's face.  Everything looked perfect...praise God!  It was fun getting another peek at this little one and I was able to stay strong and not find out the gender!  The baby's heart rate was 140 and he/she was measuring right on schedule!  We are so thankful to get a good report and to see a healthy baby growing in there.  My next appointment is the fun 1 hour glucose test so I'm not really looking forward to that but hopefully I will pass like with the first 2 kids and then be done with the yucky orange drink!  It's hard to believe we are already to the point of having our appointments every 2 weeks!!  Since I have started feeling better the time has just been flying by!  We are moving in a week and a half (another post on that) and I know that is just going to make things fly by even faster! I'm 25 weeks today so we only have about 15 more weeks to go!  Can't wait to see this little one and find out if we getting another boy or girl in the family!

Here is a 25 week belly shot for your viewing pleasure and a profile pic of baby from yesterday...


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So the last I posted was 2 days before Christmas and here we are a week into January.  We had a fantastic Christmas!!  It started with a wonderful Christmas Eve service at church.  Kent did an awesome trick and made it "snow" in the auditorium!  The kids LOVED it and are still talking about it!!  It was fantastic and a great service to get us focused on birth of the Savior!

After Christmas Eve service we had dinner and then headed home for a few gifts and bed time.  The kids got to open their Christmas eve jambes (which I didn't get a picture of...what?) and a couple of other gifts.  Then we set out cookies and milk for santa and some carrots for the reindeer and headed to bed.  When the kids woke up Christmas morning they had stocking with gifts and this note from Santa himself...

I wish I had gotten a video of us reading it but it was 5:30 am and we had to hurry off to the airport!!  The kids were crazy excited to be headed to Texas to spend some time with family!

We had a blast in Texas but it was a crazy busy, quick trip!  We spent Christmas day with Collin's extended family and then Christmas night with his parents.  We were sad Clark, Lara, and Luke weren't with us this year but enjoyed face timing with them while the kids opened their gifts!  

We spent the day after Christmas with my family.  It was so awesome to have everyone together for the first time in a long time!  We opened gifts, had a delicious lunch, and went to the arboretum to take some family pics.  The pics turned out awesome!  It was such a fun day!

On Friday, we took the kids to TopGolf in Allen.  It was so much fun for everyone!!  The kids loved it and the big boys had a blast too.  There is supposed to be one opening here in Denver by the end of the year and we can't wait!

We had such a great trip and I'm so glad we were able to go to Texas for Christmas!  We love being with our families, so even though it was a short trip it was still great!  We most likely won't be back in Texas until my sister's wedding in May since the baby will be due before too long so I'm glad we were able to take a few day to go down!!