Friday, November 16, 2012


CROUP.  Our life this past 2 weeks has been croup.  First Maddox got it and required a dose of Decadron steroids and then right as he was getting better Addison came down with it and required 2 doses of steroids.  And then I got laryngitis, which is the adult form of croup.  Fun fun!  We had to go to the pediatrician twice, once for each child, and urgent care twice, both for Addison.  I think we are finally on the mend and starting to feel better!!  We are just hoping now that Collin doesn't get it because that would sure be a predicament if he had no voice on Sunday seeing as he has to preach 2 services!


Saturday, November 10, 2012


Halloween this year was a lot of fun!!  We started out with a pumpkin carving party with our class at church the Sunday before Halloween and then had a fun night at Trunk or Treat and FX at church on actual Halloween!  They kids really got into it this year and had a blast!!  It really makes this holiday much more fun when the kids enjoy it and get excited about it!!  


Family Pictures

While we were in Texas we had some family pictures taken by Jo Brock, a girl that Collin and I went to college with.  It ended up being a horrible day to take pics as it was freezing and raining but we were leaving the next morning to come home so we went ahead and took them and hoped for the best.  I got the cd in the mail this week and we ended up getting some really good ones!!  I am so pleased with how they turned out!!  This is the first time we have gotten some really good pictures of the 4 of us so I am excited!!  I can't wait to get some blown up to frame!!  Here are some of my favorites...


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Florida via Texas

A couple weeks ago The kids and I flew to Texas to meet my mom and sisters for a little trip to the beach to celebrate our mom's "big" birthday!!  We enjoyed great weather, lounging on the beach and playing at the pool!!  It was a quick trip but still lots of fun!!

After our long weekend in Florida we spent the rest of the week in Texas hanging out with family!!  We had fun going to the State Fair of Texas, the zoo, and baking cookies and making Play Dough with Dede!!  We always love our time in Texas and look forward to our next trip there!!