Friday, February 19, 2010

Favorite Things Friday: Websites

So this week we are doing favorite websites. Let me just say that I don't know how I ever survived without the internet. I spend lots (probably too much) of time browsing the web!! There are the obvious favs like Facebook and Google Reader but I will share a couple of my lesser known favs.

1. Babysteals and Kidsteals - These are fun websites. Each day they have a new item that is sold at a super discounted price. Sometime they have really good stuff and sometimes it's kind of silly. But it's a good place to find a good deal on sometimes really expensive things.

2. Sporcle - This is the best website for mind-numbing time wasting!! It is just little quiz type things that range from all different categories. Collin and I sit and play on this website all of the time when we are bored.

3. IMDB - This website has been so helpful at times. Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show and seen an actor/actress and wondered what else you had seen them in and driven yourself crazy trying to figure it out?? Well this site is great for solving those questions. IMDB stands for Internet Movie Database. On it you can type in any movie, show, actor or actress and it will pull up a whole page with details about it/them telling you all the people in the movie or show and ever movie or show that the person has been in before. Just fabulous!!

4. DigiScrap Depot - This website is super fun if you like to create your own blog designs. I have fumbled around in photoshop enough and messed with my html code on my blog enough that I now know how to fancy it up just a bit and this site is where I get all my graphics and backgrounds. The best thing about it is that is has hundreds of pages of free kits to use!! The part of the site that I linked above is where the free ones are. I love being able to go here when I want to update my blog look and be able to find fun colors and themes to use!!

So those are some of my favorite websites. Next weeks theme hasn't been posted yet but I will post it as soon as I find out what it is!! Happy Friday!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am well aware that I attend a section of the church that does not participate in the church calendar. However, our life group has decided that we would all participate in Lent this year and discuss our progress as a group each week. I don't know a whole lot about Lent but I know it goes from Ash Wednesday (today) until Easter Sunday and that ends up being 40 days. Until last week I had always thought it was just giving something of importance up for the 40 days to help you anticipate the coming of Easter and the celebration of the Risen Lord. I learned last week though that it is not only giving something up but can also be adding something to you life that will make you better and bring you closer to God. So this year I have decided to add something to my life. I am not actually going to share what I have decided to add until the 40 days is up. On the Monday after Easter I will tell you what I have added and how it as effected my life. I hope I can stick to it and hopefully it will make me a better person and a better Christian. I would encourage you to look in to participating in Lent as well as it can be very beneficial as we look forward to the Easter holiday and celebrating Jesus' resurrection!! And if you feel comfortable doing so I would love to hear what you have chosen to do for Lent...just post it in the comments section!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh the Things We Do...

...for our children. I won't go into detail about my day (let's just say there have been several forms of bodily fluids involved!!) but I will just say that some of the things we mommies do for our children really do prove how much we love them ;D. I REALLY REALLY love my little buddy...that is all.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Favorite Things Friday: I LOVE to...

TASTE: Dr. Pepper!! Since I gave up sodas for the new year I have really been missing this!! It is especially hard when we eat certain things like pizza. I mean pizza and Dr. Pepper just go together!! Oh well...I will survive and be thinner because of it!!

HEAR: Maddox's laugh. Baby laughs are just about the sweetest noise in the world!! But I am of course particularly fond of my baby's laugh :D. (Below is a voice memo I took with my phone that I put a picture with so it isn't actually a video just sound :D).

SEE: These two boys!! They are my 2 fav people on the planet and just brighten my day!!!

SMELL: Baking desserts. I really doesn't matter what kind I just think they always smell yummy. Desserts are the other thing we gave up this year and there have been a few tough moments but we are still staying strong!! I have one of those Scentsy's in my entry way and right now it has Sugar Cookie scent in it right now and it just fills my house with the wonderful smell of baking cookies!!

TOUCH: Maddox's baby soft skin!! One of his favorite things is when you rub his nose and cheeks. If he is tired it was ALWAYS put him to sleep. I just love how soft all of his sweet skin is and can only wish mine was that soft :D.

Next weeks theme is favorite websites!! Happy Friday!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jury Duty

BUMMER!!! I got my first jury summons since moving to Colorado in the mail today. I have gotten several of these since I have been 18 but this is the first one that I can't get out of. Big BUMMER!! I have always been a student except for the last on I got in Abilene which I was able to get out of because my bosses worked at the courthouse a lot and were able to get me out of it. So, on March 15th I am supposed to report to the courthouse for what will be my first official jury duty. Hopefully I won't get called and if I do maybe I'll be dismissed because I am a minister's wife which will make them think I can't be subjective. Who know. I guess the good thing is that you get paid lol but regardless of that I am not looking forward to it!! Let me know if you have any good tricks for getting out of it ;D.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just think this is so funny. Maddox has learned to fake gag when I feed him something he doesn't particularly like. Usually it is when I give him green veggies. He will gag, spit the food out and then look at me and smile really big. I know I shouldn't laugh because it encourages the bad behavior but sometimes I just can't help it because it is just too funny. Sometime, I'll try to get it on video so I can show yall!!

I just LOVE how his personality is coming out more and more as he is getting a little older!! It is so much fun!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Favorite Things Friday: Valentines

This week for Favorite Things Friday we are supposed to post about our favorite Valentines stuff...decor, foods, traditions etc. I'll have to be honest and say that Valentines day isn't really my favorite holiday so I don't do any special decorating or anything but here are a couple of my favorite Valentine's things.

1. Necco Heart Candies - The white ones are my favorite of these candies. Unfortunately, this year we won't be having any of these yummy little candies because we have given up desserts (sweets) for the year.

2. Wendy's Tradition - OK, so this may sound crazy to some of you but every year since Collin and I have been together we have gone to Wendy's on Valentine's Day. It all started because on the first Valentine's day that we were together was just about a month after we had started dating and Collin wanted to make it perfect. He came over to my house and picked me up and we headed towards a restaurant. When we got there we found out the wait was like 2 hours as it was at like 4 other places too. So, after opening our gifts in the car in a Hooters parking lot we decided to just grab Wendy's and head to his house to watch a movie. After that first year we decided to make it a tradition and this year will be the 10th year that we have done it!! I just feel like we can go out to eat somewhere anytime and not have to wait 2 hours like you do on Valentine's Day. I think Collin feels bad that we do that every year and don't do something nice but I honestly prefer it over going and waiting somewhere for hours!!

So those are my 2 favorite Valentine's things.

Next week's theme is based on about your favorite things you love to TASTE, SEE, SMELL, HEAR, and TOUCH!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4 hour schedule

So, today I have decided to start trying to move Maddox from a 3 hour eating schedule to a 4 hour eating schedule. I'm not exactly sure how to know when a baby is ready to make that move but from what I have read it seems like most people make the move around 6-8 months and Maddox is 7 months. So far it has gone ok (we've only been at it for half a day though) but I can tell that extra hour between feedings will be a tough transition. Hopefully, he gets the hang of it quickly and once he does it will be nice to have only 4 feedings a day instead of 5.

Any moms out there who have gone through this and have advice to share feel free to do so!! Thanks!!! :D