Friday, April 29, 2011

Sir Talks A Lot

As I have said before, since we took away Maddox's paci he has been talking non-stop!! So I thought I would try and document some of the things he is saying right now at 22 months. I know I will forget some but here goes...

*taint to = Thank You
*wres shu = Wrestle with me
*hold shu = Hold Me
*pease = Please
*op = open
*choc = Chocolate Milk
*noo = Noodles
*traw = color (draw)
*warsh = wash
*tishie = Fishy
*uf uf = Dog
*ow ow ow = Kitty
*tute = cute (he says this about all of Addison's stuff now)
*b-ball = baseball
*wach tis = watch this
*tet go = ready set go
*dat = that (usually associated with pointing at something)

Characters He knows:
*Memo = Nemo
*Mick = Mickey Mouse
*Min = Minnie Mouse
*Buzz = Buzz Lightyear
*Woo = Woody
*Jesse = Jesse
*BobBob = Sponge Bob
*Emo = Elmo

People He knows:
*momma = Me
*dadda = Collin
*Kiki = My mom
*AuntMo = My sister, Morgan (pronounced as all one word)
*Peeg = My brother, PJ
*Bear = my dad
*Heath = my sister, Heather
*Wawa = our sister in law, Lara
*Tark = Collin's brother, Clark
*Dee = Collin's Mom
*Papa = Collin's Dad (even though he wants to be called Poppy)
*Gigi = My bff, Jennifer
*Wewe = Jennifer's daughter, Laney
*BooBoo = Jennifer's son, Kolby
*D = My friend and Jennifer's sister, Danielle
*Mimi = Jennifer and Danielle's mom

I know he says a lot more besides that but a lot of it he says the word just how it is so I didn't think I needed to put all of those down. It is so fun watching his learn new things. I often have to be the interpreter for people because if you aren't around him a lot it can be somewhat difficult to understand him. It's amazing though how clearly I can understand most things he is saying just from always being with him. I love that he is able to communicate with us more these makes life much easier!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Dr's Appointment

My doctor's appointment got moved from tomorrow morning to this afternoon because of a scheduling mix up. Everything looked good...Miss Addison's heart rate was 139 and I actually measured around 33 weeks but he said that was fine because the measurements can be off a little. He told me that the episode last Friday could have been due to dehydration or just from being active. He told me he wasn't super concerned about it since it didn't cause me to dilate at all and that at this point I should callback if I experience something different from Friday like more intense or longer contractions. He said for me to just make sure to hydrate well and lay on my left side if I start to have contractions again. I will go back to the doctor in 2 weeks which will be 36 weeks!!! I want what is best for Miss Addison and being inside is what is best but I will say that I am done being pregnant this time around. I am super uncomfortable and it's getting much more difficult to chase and pick up Maddox. Regardless of how I'm feeling though, I want her to be healthy and big enough to do well after she is born!!!

Easter Fun

Yesterday was a pretty low key Easter for us. We decided to just come home and hang out with our besties, the Cox's. I put taco soup in the crockpot before church and since it was a cold day here (boo) it was perfect for lunch. We pretty much just hung out at the house for the day. We had a little egg hunt in the backyard for the kiddos and then died easter eggs and that's about it. Maddox just loves playing with Wewe (Laney) and Bobo (Kolby) so they were entertained with that most of the day. Here are a few pics of our Cox/Packer Easter Fun day!!

A Toy Story themed Easter...Maddox LOVED it!!

So excited about his Easter surprises

Cheese :D

Best buddies!!

Wewe and Bobo

The Cox Crew

sweet buddy

Our little family of 3.5....soon to be 4 :D

Ready for egg hunt #2

Laney and Kolby finding the eggs that we hid a little harder

stopping to get a little treat

getting the eggs under the deck
He got the concept a little better the second time around and didn't stop after the first egg!!
A mouth full of candy.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter!! I will do another post with more pics of our day with the Cox's, complete with an egg hunt!!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Family Fun Day

This morning our church hosted an Easter event complete with games, cotton candy, face painting and an Easter egg hunt. It was Maddox's first real egg hunt since last year he couldn't walk yet. We got a laugh out of Maddox's reaction. Here are some pics I took on my phone that show the progression of events...

pouting because we wouldn't let him start before the rest of the kids...
Once everyone did start he just stood there...
he was totally content with playing with the first egg he found and had no desire to get anymore...
He was a big fan of the giant eggs...
very confused by the balloon we tied to the back of his jeans...he was chasing it around in a circle like a dog chases its tail.

We had a great time and there was a really good turn out!! I hope all of you have a great Easter tomorrow celebrating our risen Lord!!


Wake-Up Call

Last night, Collin and I got to spend a few hours on the Labor and Delivery floor at the hospital as the result of several hours of consistent contractions about 2-4 minutes apart that wouldn't stop. After having them for about 2 hours I decided it was time to call my doctor because I knew that wasn't normal and that having more than 6 contractions in an hour was a sign of pre-term labor. My doctor said I need to go in to the hospital to be checked out so our friends came and picked up Maddox and kept him for the night for us (thanks Cox's) and off we went. We got there a little before 10 and they hooked me up to the fetal monitor and contraction monitor to check things out. My contractions weren't intense at all but were consistently 2-4 minutes apart. The nurse called my dr. after monitoring me for a while and they decided to give me a shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions and some IV fluids because often times this is caused from dehydration. The contractions stopped almost immediately after the shot. My dr. was actually at the hospital already, doing a surgery, so she came in to check me out and found that I wasn't dilated at all and said I could go home if I didn't have another contraction in the next 15 minutes because that would make an hour without having any. That was the case and at a little after midnight we were discharged and allowed to go home.

Honestly, It didn't stress me out as much as I thought the possibility of having Miss Addison early would. I mean we were in no way completely prepared for her arrival...I mean we haven't put the car seat in yet, we haven't packed our bags and I haven't washed any of her clothes yet. I guess this was a good little wake-up call to motivate me to get all of our stuff together and ready for her to come at any time!!

I am thankful that Addison is still growing safe inside because I know its what is best for her but I will say that I got a little excited about the thought of not being pregnant anymore lol. This pregnancy has been pretty smooth but I have just been much more uncomfortable and found it difficult to chase around and carry Maddox. I have been getting heart burn at night a lot and my back has been hurting more. But I know in the end it's all worth it!!

This little experience just made it a lot more real that baby girl will be here before we know it!! We can't wait to meet her but of course above all we want her to stay inside until she is big enough to and ready to make her grand appearance!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Maddox is OBSESSED with t-ball these days!! He picks up his T and bat several times a day and asks if we can go outside to play!! With it being so rainy and cool out lately we haven't been able to spend much time outside so he has been playing in the living room. But today the weather has been BEAUTIFUL so out we went to the backyard!! I got a little video on my phone of him playing. He loves to hit the ball and then take off running. When he reaches "1st base" he will exclaim "SAFE!!" Its pretty cute!! Enjoy!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not funny....but funny!!

Just a quick funny Maddox story from this morning...

I got him out of the bath today and after I dried him off I let him stand naked while I put tooth paste on his tooth brush for him. As I was doing so, I heard the sound of splashing on the tile floor and quickly realized that he was peeing on the floor. Not a huge deal since it was on tile but his reaction cracked me up. Once he realized what was happening he look down and exclaimed with joy and excitement "WHOA!!" It was hilarious. He was like wow I didn't know that worked like that lol. He of course wears a diaper at all times except for bath and when we are changing him so he has never seen himself pee before. Obviously, I know its not something to encourage because then I will be in big trouble and end up cleaning up a lot of pee off of the floor but his reaction to see that for the first time was quite comical for me this morning.


Spring Time

I LOVE spring time!! As you all know I am not a huge fan of winter and snow so the warmer weather and sunshine that come with the spring season are much welcomed!! We have had a few nice spring day but are still experiencing more cool rainy days than anything else right now. I will be VERY glad when the warm weather comes and stays for a while here in Colorado!!

In honor of spring I have updated my blog from snowflakes to flowers :D. Hopefully, it will encourage the weather to warm up a bit around here!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

7 Weeks

Miss Addison is due 7 weeks from today!! Kinda hard to believe but we can't wait to meet and hold sweet baby girl!!

I have added a new poll on the right side to see when you guys think she will make her grand appearance. Will she come early, on time or last (!?! I honestly have no idea at this point!! I haven't had any checks to see if any progress has been made yet and probably won't for a few more your guess is as good as mine!!! :D Of course I wouldn't mine her coming a few days early :D. I would like for her b-day to be 6-1-11!! :D


Thursday, April 14, 2011


A little blast from the past for ya...

Yep that's Collin and me from our junior year of high school. These year book pics were probably taken just a month or so before we started dating. (Thanks to my brother, PJ, for randomly texting that to me and giving us a good laugh!!)

And this is Collin's absolute favorite picture ever of Maddox. Jennifer took it on her phone at was his chicken nugget experience. He is probably around 6 months old.

I just love those chubby cheeks!! :D

Hope you enjoyed this little flashback as much as I



I feel like Maddox has entered a stage where he wastes a lot of food and I'm not sure how to remedy this. He is a very sporadic eater so some meals he will eat everything in front of him and others he won't take a single bite. The problem is there is no way of knowing which eater we will get at any particular meal. I have definitely found that he has a sweet tooth and would eat candy and junk food all day long if I would let him but of course I don't let him do that...despite some protest lol.

I guess I am asking my readers if you guys have any suggestions for getting him to eat more consistently and to want to eat healthier foods. I am not worried about him not getting enough to eat because he is obviously not having any trouble growing. I am just tired of making/paying for food that he doesn't eat.

So what advice do you have for me friends?!?!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Addison Update

Just a quick update because there isn't anything new to report. I had my 32 week appointment this morning and thing are still moving right along. Her heart rate was 149. I go back 2 weeks from today. These appointment seriously last like 10 minutes so there just isn't much to report! I'm thankful that things are progressing on schedule!!

We are now less than 8 weeks away from our due date!! It's hard to believe but we can't wait to meet baby girl!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Tiny Toms

Mr. Maddox is the proud owner of his first pair of Toms! I have wanted to get him some for a long time and even ordered him a pair last year but they didn't end up fitting his chubby feet! I didn't want to mail order another pair without being able to try them on because I thought I would end up just sending them back again! Now that they sell them at Nordstrom's though I was able to try them on him. They are so cute on him and will be great for the summer time! We love Toms in our family and what they do for kids in need and now that buddy has some we all have a pair!!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dance Star

Last night we went to a youth group get together that some of our friends hosted!! They had a great turnout and ended up playing Xbox kinect for most of the night. All the kids were pressuring Collin and another one of the adults to have a dance off and I just had to get it on video. I'll let you see for yourself the outcome...


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bubbles and Outside

Maddox loves playing with bubbles and he loves playing outside!! It was nice and warm today so we spent a little time in the backyard. It was a little windy but nice none the less!! Here is a little video of him blowing bubbles...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paci update and Belly Pic

Just wanted to let you all know that Maddox is doing awesome without his paci!!!! He is like a totally different kid!! Sweet boy talks NON-STOP!! I had no idea he knew so many words lol. He still gets to have it when he naps and got to bed at night but he knows that he has to throw it in his bed to stay with his puppy when he gets up. He rarely asks for it during the day now!! I am so thankful he has done so well with this transition!! I love seeing his smiling face without that paci in there!!!

This isn't the greatest picture but I was starting to feel guilty about not taking any belly pics this pregnancy. I am just over 30 weeks in this pic. I will be 31 weeks tomorrow. I can not believe we only have 9 weeks left until Miss Addison's due date!! It just blows my mind how fast this pregnancy has gone!! I am definitely starting to get more uncomfortable!! I feel like I'm carrying her so much lower than Maddox which means a lot more pressure on my bladder and A LOT more trips to the bathroom. Super annoying but of course worth it in the end lol. It is definitely getting harder to chase Maddox around and pick him up but I'm hanging in there know that the end is in sight!!

We of course can't wait to meet baby girl but like I said before we want to take in all the time we have left with our little buddy being an only child!! So for the next 9ish weeks that is what we plan to do!!


Rockies Opening Day

On Friday Collin and I got to go with some of our best friends to watch the Colorado Rockies opening day game!! It was my first time to go to an opening day game and it was a blast!! There were TONS of people there, a lot of which I'm not sure weren't just downtown to party and not even going to the game. It ended up being the hottest day we have had this year in Denver and we all got sun burnt but I would take that over being cold anytime!! It was a great game that ended up going to the 11th inning but unfortunately the Rockies couldn't pull out the win. We had fun regardless!!

The Girls (you can see how big Miss Addison is getting...I'm almost 31 weeks here)
The Guys

We also were given tickets to go to the game today...unfortunately due to snow (yes, snow, even though it was 84 yesterday and it is April 3rd) the game was postponed.

We ended up just going to the Chop House for lunch and right before we were getting up to leave Troy Tulowitzki walked in to have lunch!! So exciting!! For those of you who don't know he is one of the top players on the Rockies right now!! I didn't want to be crazy stalker fan so I didn't pull out my phone to get a picture but was really excited none the less!!

We have become quite the Rockies fans here at the Packer house so we are super excited about the upcoming season. For the second year we have gone in with another couple for some season tickets. We have 15 games and we will go to a few others on top of that!! Hopefully, it will be a good season and who knows maybe our Rockies will go all the way!!