Monday, March 26, 2012

Garden of the Gods

Last Friday morning, as part of our Intentional life, we headed down to the Springs to check out the Garden of the Gods.  It was such fun day and it is an amazing place.  It is definitely a place we will be taking family back to when they come to visit!!  Here are some of the pictures we too!!

My baby boy is looking so grown up! Tear!

One of the best pictures I have of me and my little punkins!!

In front of Pikes which we are going to climb soon!!

Beautiful Pikes Peak


Monday, March 19, 2012

Christmas in March

For Christmas this past year Collin and I got the kids a Fisher Price kitchen.  Due to the fact that we were getting ready to start construction in the basement we decided to wait to give it to them until we finished.  So on Saturday while the kids were napping we put it together and got it all set up in the basement.  They have both had a blast playing with it.  I think it will provide many hours of fun and imagination for our kids.


Sunny Arizona

We had an amazing trip to Phoenix, AZ last week!  The weather was perfect and we had so much fun being with family.  We went to 2 Rockies games, one at their home field and one at the Rangers home field.  We also got to do a tour of the Rockies Spring Training facility which was AMAZING!!  We walked right by several Rockies players and Jason Giambi talked to Maddox in the hallway!!  At the Rockies vs. Rangers game Collin and Maddox were able to get autographs from Eric Young Jr. and our family favorite Tulo!!  Maddox was so excited!!  The guys went golfing twice so we took the kids to the pool and had fun getting some sun!!  The kids stayed in Dede and PopPop's room so it was really nice for Collin and I to be able to sleep in a little!  I got some really cute pictures of the kids in their Rockies gear that I think I'm going to blow up and hang in the basement.  I also got some good pics at the pool.  We really love Phoenix and I hope going to Spring Training is a yearly thing for us :D.

This is the one I want to blow up of Addison :D

And this is the winner for Maddox!

Dinger's costume in the Laundry room at Salt River Fields.