Saturday, October 30, 2010

Peanut #2

Yesterday we had our first doctor's appointment and ultrasound to check on baby Packer #2!! The first appointment is always an exciting and nerve racking one. Dr. G said the baby looks good and has a strong heartbeat!! Praise God!! I was exactly right on my estimated due date of June 6, 2011!!

He did see something on the ultrasound that he wasn't certain about though. At first he thought it might be a second sac, meaning there could have been twins at one point but one disappeared which is a common thing. He later decided it was something related to the umbilical cord. He said he thought it was either the baby's intestines because they form outside the body and move in as the baby gets bigger. Or he said it could be a cyst inside the umbilical cord. He said he would do a little research after we left and let us know. He called me back about 15 minutes after we left and said he found 2 possible causes of a cyst both of which were benign and didn't have any impact on the pregnancy. That was reassuring!! He wanted us to go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound so that he could have another look and to just monitor that situation. Right now we are too concerned about it because of Dr. G's reassurance but I will keep you updated on that as we find out more.

Honestly I can't really tell you what is going on in this Obviously the peanut shaped object is the baby but other than that I'm not sure. I think the left end is the head but I'm not positive. But maybe we will get some better pictures at our next appointment on Nov. 10th.

Thanks for the continued prayers during this pregnancy!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat

This past Sunday we had Trunk or Treat at our church! It's always fun to see everyone all dressed up!! I unfortunately forgot my camera but snapped a few on my phone of our cute little lion. He wasn't thrilled about the costume but as long as we distracted him with candy he was fine! He ended up having 4 dumdums, some skittles, a box of nerds, and a package of smarties and that is just what I saw him eat and doesn't include what other people gave him when I wasn't around!! To say he was on a sugar high would be an understatement!! He was WILD!! Lol!!

Our little Lion enjoying one of many Dumdums...
He ate all his nerds and this was his reaction when he didn't see
He wasn't thrilled about riding the train by himself...
But Daddy saved the day and rode the train with him!! (he almost had to spend the rest of the evening riding the train though because it was such a tight squeeze!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We LOVE Popcorn...

My child has a new found love for popcorn thanks to his Kiki and Aunt Mo. The other day I wasn't feeling well and he found the bag of Target Popcorn (our fav) in my purse and this is what happened...

All I could do was laugh and thankfully a quick run of the vacuum had it all cleaned up!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This pregnancy has already been different than the first one with Maddox. With Maddox I remember feeling sick only a couple of times the entire pregnancy but this time around I haven't been so lucky. Last week, when I hit the 5 weeks mark, I started feeling sick and have felt that way pretty much constantly since. BUMMER!!! I know it will all be completely worth it but man it is no fun at all feeling nauseous while chasing around a 1 year old!! But I know this too shall pass!! Just pray that I get to feeling better soon and that during this time and can still be a good mommy to my little buddy!! Thanks!!


Saturday, October 9, 2010


Here are some videos I've taken of Maddox. The first 2 are of him walking and the last one is of him saying his animal sounds. ENJOY!!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Blog Layout

It has been feeling a lot like fall around here so I felt it was only appropriate to get rid of the flowers and bring out the fall colors on my blog. Happy Fall!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Family Pictures

I mentioned in a previous post that we had family pictures taken while we were in Texas. Erin has posted some of them on her blog so I thought I would post a link so everyone can check them out. She did an amazing job and I can't wait to see them all. So, here is the link if you care to check them out!!


BIG Brother

Collin and I are THRILLED to announce that Maddox is going to be a big brother!! We found out a couple of weeks ago and could not be more excited!! We are estimating a due date of 6-6-11. We will go to the Dr. in a few weeks for our first ultrasound. Of course I will keep you updated on all the details of Little Packer #2!! Please be praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy little one!!


15 Month Check-Up

I took Mr. Maddox in today for his 15 month well check. I am so thankful to have such a healthy baby boy!! He weighs 26 lbs 14 oz which is in the 75th % and is 32 3/4 inches tall which is in the 90th %. The poor baby did have to get 4 shots today and shed some tears (which always breaks my heart) but he was fine by the time we got to the car.

He has so much personality these days and just keeps us cracking up!! He is busy, busy busy these days and is learning new things all the time. He now knows the sounds for puppy, kitty, cow, monkey, and lion (my favorite). I will get that on video soon because it is just so darn cute!! He can also point to his belly, toes, nose, eyes, ears and head!! He waves and says "hi" and "bye bye" and says dada and mama although he says dada WAAAAY more. He is walking up a storm these days and can even stand up on his own without having to pull up on something. I have a feeling that he will be running around in no time at all. He is obsessed with baseball and loves playing with his toys. He also still LOVES playing outside. He will go and stand at the back door until someone takes him outside. He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses and is so cuddly!! I just love it!! He has the cutest sandy blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. I know I'm biased but I think he is just the cutest little guy ever!!

Our sweet boy is just so much fun these days and I am so thankful that God chose us to be his mommy and daddy!!