Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brooklyn - 8 Months

Brooklyn turned 8 months on Christmas Eve.  How can it be that she will be a year old in just 4 months?  She is growing and changing so much and so quickly!  Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time, especially since she is our last baby!  We have had a busy month but is has been fun celebrating the holidays with B for the first time.

Unfortunately, this month has been filled with sickness for our sweet girl.  She got croup for the first time at the beginning of December.  That required a steroid and breathing treatment at urgent care.  Then 2 weeks later she got an ear infection and that required a round of Amoxicillin, and this past week she had a second bout of croup.  This was the worst episode any of our kids have had.  It was a little scary.  She woke up at midnight on Sunday and her breathing was just horrible.  Our pediatrician gave us steroids to keep on hand so I immediately gave her a dose of that but things were so bad that I felt I should take her to the ER too.  We waited for 40 minutes at the ER and still weren't seen so we left and I took her to a stand alone ER and we got right in.  By that point it had been an hour since the steroids and she was still having breathing issues so they gave her a breathing treatment and that opened things up more.  She slept ok the rest of the night then we got an appointment with the pediatrician the next morning.  Since this was the second time for her to get croup in a month and it was so bad our Dr. decided we should go on a daily steroid inhaler at least until the end of cold season.  She gets 2 puffs a day when she is sick and 1 a day when she is well.  Hopefully, this will prevent another episode like the one she had last week.  Maddox had to do this same thing when he was around 3 and it helped him. However, the steroids made him a little crazy so I am hoping that won't be the case for B.  Despite being sick, she has for the most part still been her happy, smiling self.  I love that about her.

At 8 months, Brooklyn:
*weighs 18 lbs 2 oz (about 44th percentile)
*Wears size 9 month clothes
*Wears size 4 honest diapers (I think these run a bit small so she wears a size 3 in other brands)
*is a great napper if we are home. She takes 2-3 naps a day, one is usually over an hour. If we are out though she will typically not nap.  She likes sleeping in her bed and rarely sleeps anywhere else.
*still wakes up at least once a night, much to my dismay.  She usually goes to bed around 7 and will sleep until anywhere between 12-2. She will nurse and then go right back to sleep and sleep until between 5:30-7:30 depending on what time she woke up in the night.  If she wakes up before 6 she will usually go back to sleep again until between 7-7:30 but if it is after 6 she is usually up for the morning.
*started crawling on her hands and knees this month and is now into everything.  I really need to get the cabinets baby proofed now.
*pulls up on everything.  This is way earlier than the other 2 so I'm thinking we will have a walker way sooner too.
*has cut 3 teeth.  Two on the bottom and one on the top.
*nurses 6 times a day on most days.  One of those feedings is in the night (boo).  She is a great eater and loves almost everything I give her.  Some of her favorites are chicken and turkey, sweet potatoes, french fries, apples, prunes and apple/cinnamon oatmeal.  She also loves puffs and yogurt melts.
*loves bath time and can now sit up without any support in there.
*has started giving kisses.  Those open mouth baby kisses are the sweetest!
*has learned to clap and says "YAAAAAY" when doing so.
*dances when she hears music.  It is so cute.
*loves the song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  It will typically calm her down if she is upset.

Aside from her night time sleeping, she is such a good baby.  She is happy most of the time. She will let almost anyone hold her.  She is just such a joy.  We are so thankfully for her sweet little spirit and love that we get to watch her grow and change everyday!

loves to stand up now

on the move

those Toms and those!

A good view of those 2 bottom teeth!


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